Saturday, 19 March 2016

Civil Engineering Admissions in India

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is a specialised branch of engineering that focuses on providing in-depth theoretical and sensible information of designing, Design, Construction, management, Maintenance and Management of buildings, bridges, roads, dams, canals and different such designed environments. Consequently, civil engineers perform variety of activities, like feasibleness studies, web site investigation, coming up with of structures and conceiving innovative solutions to appreciate new constructions.

Department of engineering in UIET focuses on education within the areas of structural and environmental engineering. The division activities embrace coming up with, design, construction and management. The technology department is supplied with all facilities of teaching and analysis activities associated with education approach. Learning of technology works with newer ways are a continual method. Attention to high rising buildings, categorical ways in which, bridges, water ways, navigation, irrigation, highways, airports, dams thus and then on so forth is that the outcome of continuous progress within the analysis and technical shrewdness of the technology works. Newer ways area unit planned to enhance the lifetime of the comets and also the economy in implementing the method. This progress has been occurring with the analysis work and also the take a look at conducted within the laboratories for his or her feasibleness.

The department of technology in UIET has been established to offer Associate in nursing exposure to budding civil technocrats to numerous challenges within the profession. The scholars imbibes theoretical ideas in school rooms, whereas sensible exposure is ensured although hands on expertise within the labs and guest lectures by specialists from business.


All laboratories are supplied with complete vary of equipments and apparatuses that area unit needed in coaching the B.Tech students of technology. Student learns plenty and acquires sound information of utilisation within the laboratories. The department is running with glorious labs like

• Survey laboratory
• Fluid mechanics laboratory
• Transportation laboratory
• Concrete and soil testing laboratories
• Strength of materials laboratory
• Structural engineering laboratory
• Environmental engineering laboratory

Students conduct practical’s that extremely qualified workers and college is engaged. The technology department has eminently qualified, competent, dedicated, and well skilled college. the scholars also are taken on academic visits to numerous comes like Hathnikund Barrage, Bhakra Dam, Ropar Canal Head Works and different places of interest for learning at the sites. Samples of soil and water area unit collected and accepted for testing of their quality. Ne’er the less, the technology department within the UIET goes to become as quality in adjacent areas.

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